Our platform provides some unique functionality. Person-to-person messaging is a great feature that allows you to send a message to contact using a personal hashtag.




Any time a person texts your number, our system will add them to your contact database and assign them a temporary hashtag.
You can use a person's hashtag to send them direct messages without revealing your cell phone number. Afterwards, you can if you wish change a persons's hashtag in the portal.

You just type your message and include the desired hashtag. It does not matter where the hashtag in the in the messagte, at the start, in the middle woven into your message, or at the end. As long as it's there, your message will be sent to the receipient.

In our example at the left, #jon has sent a message to #anne.




A hashtag is just a simple string that uniquely identifies a person. So no two people can have the same hashtag

In the image to the right, #jon has sent a message to #anne. When received, the message includes Jon's full name and his hashtag so that Anne can reply.

So Anne could reply using: "Hey #jon, I'm runnning a bit late so expect me to be there at 8:30pm instead".