Tuesday Dec 15, 2020

SMS Best Practices

If you’re new to SMS marketing, learning all of the laws and regulations (as well as the common courtesy that goes along with mobile marketing) can seem daunting. However, learning simple best practices can ensure that not only are you being legally compliant, you are operating with the best interests of both your customers and your company in mind. When in doubt, follow BECAUSE.

Be Honest - Be very clear with your subscribers about the type of text messages they are signing up to receive. If your customers are signing up for emergency alerts, don’t send them sales related text messages. Honesty also includes obtaining permissionfrom your subscribers before sending text messages. Not only is getting permission the law, but it is in the best interest of your bottom line. It is far more likely that those who opt-in to your list will become conversions than people who just receive your text unsolicited. Sending unsolicited text message communications is not just illegal, it’s a waste of money. 

Exercise Courtesy - Common courtesy (and marketing logic) says not to over-advertise to your text message subscribers. Your SMS list is your most direct method of contact with your customers - tread carefully! Don’t send them messages so frequently that they unsubscribe from your list.

Comply with SMS Guidelines - Text message laws state that businesses are not to send text messages between the hours of 9pm and 8am. This avoids inconveniencing your customers who may be asleep or otherwise busy. This regulation benefits marketers as well, as it’s unlikely that your customers will be following any of yours calls-to-action in the early hours or the day or late hours of the night.

Allow for Easy Unsubscribes - your welcome message must have clear opt-out instructions so that your subscribers know how to leave your list if they wish to. Such as Including language along the lines of “Text STOP to unsubscribe.”

Use Simple Verbiage - although text messages are short forms of communication, avoid using too many abbreviations or too much ‘text speak.’ Making your message simple with a clear call to action is the best way to earn a conversion.

Segment Your List - not everyone on your list wants or needs to receive every text message you send. Sending messages according to customer behavior, location, and interest will increase your chances of conversion.

Exercise caution - learn the laws associated with alcohol, tobacco, and firearms when it comes to text message marketing. For example, text message marketing involving alcohol sales must be sent only to subscribers who meet the legal drinking age. Violating these laws can lead to hefty fines!

Text message marketing and text message alert systems are powerful tools that your business can utilize to increase revenue and keep your customers engaged. By staying compliant with laws and regulations and keeping your customers best interest in mind, your SMS campaigns will see success!

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