Tuesday Dec 15, 2020

How to Use SMS to Grow Your Other Platforms

Although SMS may very well be the future of marketing, it is important to maintain all of your other platforms. Social media channels are some of the highest visited websites in the world, meaning that maintaining your social presence is key to an overall digital marketing strategy. You can use your SMS alert system to steer your subscribers to your social channels to increase your following and engagement.

Remember: SMS best practices still apply when you are funneling subscribers to your other platforms -  and segment your list to ensure the information you are sending is relevant to each customer you are reaching out to

Advertise Your Facebook Event - Allow people to register for your facebook event through a direct link in your SMS message. Facebook events are also a great way in which to communicate directly with people who have clicked “interested.” Additionally, you can sell tickets to your event directly through Facebook using Ticketmaster or Eventbrite.

Facilitate a Giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram - Grow your social media following and engage the subscribers on your text message marketing list by hosting a giveaway! Post on your channels before sending out your SMS message so that your sweepstakes is the first thing your customers see when they click the social links in your text messages. (Remember, you want to make things as simple as possible!)

Encourage engagement on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram - if you’ve made a very special announcement on your social media channels, sending out a message to your subscriber list may be a great way to increase the engagement on your posts which can help you ‘beat the algorithm’ of social media sites. Keep in mind, don’t text your subscribers every time you make a social media post - save that for special occasions and extremely important announcements. 

Gather Email Signups - creating a sweepstakes landing page that includes an email signup may increase your email subscribers as well as keeps your subscribers engaged. For example, “WIN an a free month of services! Enter here: LINK.” Remember to keep it simple. 

Share Your Pinterest Boards - If pinterest is pertinent to your business (for instance, if you run a craft studio, or design jewelry), you may want to consider sharing your pinterest boards through your SMS campaigns. You can also run a ‘pin-to-win’ campaign and use your SMS list to cultivate interest. 

Utilizing SMS to grow your other social media platforms may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. By making it fun for your customers to sign up for other ways to connect with your business, you will see all of your contact lists grow. Your digital marketing plan should be expansive yet cohesive, and your social media channels should be just that: social! Make your SMS marketing work for you by helping you keep all of your platforms thriving! 

Are you ready to increase your sales, boost your engagement, and reach your business goals? The vorText team is here to help! Schedule a free demo today to find out how you can incorporate mobile marketing into you marketing strategy! 

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