Sunday Dec 06, 2020

6 Ways to Keep Volunteers Enthusiastic

It can be a tough sell to get people to work for free and make major contributions to your organization without compensation. Establishing and growing a team of dedicated volunteers is a foundational exercise for an organization that relies on in-person and text to give donors for its success. Making sure your volunteers feel appreciated and valued is a crucial aspect in running volunteer programs within your organization.

Ways to Keep Your Volunteer Teams Engaged, Enthusiastic

Volunteers are the bedrock of nonprofit organizations like churches and schools. The following are ways to make sure your volunteers get engaged in your mission and stay enthusiastic about the important contributions they are making to the cause.

1. Provide Interesting, Engaging Training

Start new volunteers on the right foot with valuable training techniques and information that get and keep them interested and engaged. Effective onboarding will connect with volunteers on a personal basis and inspire dedication and deeper commitment.

2. Make Volunteers Feel Welcome, Valued

It is essential to make your volunteers feel like they are welcomed and provide real value to your efforts. Introductions throughout the organization from senior leadership to other volunteers will help to show new and existing volunteers that you are inclusive and approachable.

3. Keep Communication Open, Transparent

Regular, open, and transparent communication is key to getting the most of your volunteers. There are a variety of communication channels available in today’s digital environment and it is important to use those channels that are most popular and most comfortable throughout your groups of volunteers. Leaders should always be ready to listen to volunteers and respond to their feedback and concerns.

4. Provide Access to Valuable Resources

It is your responsibility to provide volunteer staff with the kinds of resources that will keep them informed and engaged in the process. Using a combination of digital information and printed materials help to make all necessary resources readily accessible to all who need them.

5. Acknowledge Volunteer Stars

Volunteers are driven by good deeds and the knowledge they are helping a worthy cause. Because they are not getting paid, it is crucial that leaders make their gratitude known for those donating their time, skills, and efforts to the cause. An email or quick phone call can go a long way towards making your volunteers feel appreciated and needed.

6. Share Success Stories with the Group

Take pride in the accomplishments of your team and let your volunteers know they are making a positive impact in your organization’s efforts. Sharing the success stories of your volunteers will motivate the entire group and showcase the good you do to the public.

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