Sunday Dec 06, 2020

How to Earn Repeat Donations

One of the proven business adages states that it is more expensive and time-consuming to get new customers than it is to retain existing ones. This also applies to accumulating donors and supporters of nonprofit organizations. Getting a one-time donation for your nonprofit is a wonderful addition to help you achieve your goals and mission. However, attracting repeat donors through traditional andtext to donate techniques leads to sustained success and allows time to seek out more ways to raise money and help the benefactors of your efforts.

Effective Ways to Turn One-Time Donors Into Repeat Supporters

Any kind of support for your nonprofit organization’s efforts is always greatly appreciated and helps to build a foundation of success for your campaigns. The challenge is to turn one-time donations into repeat donors. The following are some ways to foster an environment that will compel supporters to offer regular contributions to your organization.

Offer Up Proper Personal, Public Thanks, Gratitude

A sincere, hearty thanks goes a long way to making donors feel appreciated and needed. Ongoing signs of private and public appreciation and acknowledgment throughout the year will help donors feel valued and engaged in the process. Displays of gratitude that connect with donors can include handwritten notes, emails, texts, and phone calls from various members of the organization.

Promote Ongoing Donor Engagement

A key to attracting repeat donors is to bottle up the connection they felt with your organization and keep that going through ongoing acts of donor engagement. Keeping your website up to date and posting new content about your efforts and successes will have donors returning to the site for fresh information and keep them engaged. Social media and email campaigns are also great for connecting with prior donors and making them feel appreciated and needed.

Share Donor Success Stories

Showcase the ways in which donations are making real world impacts on those you are trying to help. Demonstrate to new or one-time donors exactly where their money is going and the good it is doing for actual people. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are excellent outlets to share your organization’s success stories and highlight the ways donations are being used to meet your goals and objectives.

Engage Donors in Non-Ask Communication, Campaigns

Supporters will eventually get turned off if the only time you attempt to connect with them is to ask for more money. They will come to resent your efforts and simply ignore future communication efforts. Non-ask campaigns will help you develop a relationship with first or one-time donors and help them to understand the value of your organization and the donations you receive.

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