Monday Nov 30, 2020

Keeping Donors Engaged with Your Message

Technological advances in the digital age and ever-changing user trends presents modern opportunities to reach potential donors for nonprofit organizations. Using text to donate functionality is a powerful tool to get donors involved and engaged in your efforts. This allows you to connect directly and instantly with donors, reach out to targeted audiences to increase donor engagement and retention rates.

How to Keep Your Donors Engaged With Your Messaging

Getting and keeping existing and potential supporters engaged with your messaging through text to donate campaigns and other outreach efforts is the key to collecting repeat donors that provide foundation for your nonprofit campaigns. The following are examples of ways to use text to give and other messaging techniques to boost engagement from your valued donors.

Get Personal and Stay Genuine

Supporters of your nonprofit organization’s community efforts appreciate gratitude on the most personal levels. Take genuine interest in your donors and their families and remain transparent in all communication efforts with them. Make sure messaging to individual donors are personal, using their first name and tailoring the content to help make them feel like an important, valuable member of the team.

Keep Donors Informed

It is more difficult to keep your donors engaged with your organization if they do not hear from you about your ongoing efforts and successes in the community. Sharing detailed information about upcoming events and projects will keep them invested in your organization and they will be more willing to continue support if they are seeing where their donations and your efforts are going. Timely updates will make donors feel like a valued part of your nonprofit organization.

Showcase Donor Impact

The more often donors can see the real impact of their contributions, the more likely they are to become engaged in your efforts. This will make them more willing to continue donating to the mission and cause of your organization. Private communications and public displays through social media and other digital platforms show current and potential donors how donations are helping real people with real problems.

Share Event Updates

Delivering text messages promoting upcoming events will go a long way to help increase attendance and engagement from donors. Sharing the details about an event will create a buzz and anticipation among donors. Preview a keynote speaker or share a preview of a presentation or activity to get them fired up and engaged.

Encourage Donors to Join the Conversation

Making the communication between you and your donors a two-way street will help them feel more connected and a part of the conversation. It is important to offer a forum where donors are free to express their opinions and offer up suggestions to help you achieve your goals. Feedback and interaction with donors will make them feel better about their contributions and help you gauge the pulse of your donors so you can better service and connect with them.

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