Sunday Nov 29, 2020

How to Catch Donors Attention

The first step in collecting donations is to get the attention of potential donors. This has never been more difficult with the explosion of social media and streaming services that draw the attention of people already living busy lives with careers and families. Nonprofit organizations are looking for the most engaging ways to reach donors and compel them to want to donate.

Proven Ways to Draw Donor Attention

The following are some examples of proven methods to get the attention of potential donors and compel them to contribute to your organization.

Get Personal

Regardless of the methods you use to capture the attention of potential donors, make any communication personal. Addressing recipients by name can increase open and click through rates and lead to more donations for your organization. Reference past donations, when applicable, and include ways in which they have helped further your cause.

Text Message Campaigns

With so many people checking their cell phones constantly, text messages are often the easiest and quickest way to reach donors. Text to donate campaigns reach potential donors immediately and make it convenient for people to contribute to your organization.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Creating an email campaign is an effective way to reach donors and build up a relationship and connection. Emails allow you to provide details about your organization and personalize the message to appeal to specific donors. Multiple calls to action with large, clear donate buttons will provide viewers a clear path to your donation page.

Traditional Mail

Through all of the digital channels that have taken over the way people communicate, we all still love getting snail mail that is not bills or advertising pitches. With the popularity of email, social media, and other forms of digital communication, the volume of traditional mail is decreasing every year, opening opportunities for your personalized donation letters to get noticed.  

Social Media

Social media outlets like Facebook and Linked In offer unprecedented access to millions of potential donors scrolling through their timelines. Posting engaging and compelling content on social media business pages and implementing paid social media ad campaigns is a powerful method to get the attention of large, targeted groups of online users that are most likely to be willing to donate.

Offer Incentives

Donors often respond to digital or media incentives that will help in their decision-making process. Offering branded merchandise like coffee mugs, t-shirts, and hats will instill a sense of pride and ownership in your efforts and provide additional exposure to your organization. Incentives for larger or recurring donors may include ad space on your website, at a conference or webinar, or other types of sponsored messaging.  

Compelling Photos, Video

Video and photos are powerful communication tools that can evoke emotional responses far more effectively than simple text. Video now dominates social media networks and is the most powerful way to reach and engage the billions of users that visit Facebook, Twitter, and other massive digital communities.  

Contact vorText Today

The digital communications professionals at vorText offer cost-effective methods to reach and engage donors through text to give campaigns. Contact a knowledgeable representative to learn more about the text to donate options at vorText and get started today. 

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