Wednesday Nov 25, 2020

How to Use Text to Raise Church Funds

Churches rely on the donations of their parishioners and other community members to continue their mission to reach the largest numbers of congregants. It is especially important during these unprecedented times of social distancing and stay-at-home orders to provide safe, secure, and convenient methods for people to donate.

With everyone walking around with a cell phone in their hands at all times, text messaging is a powerful way to communicate and raise funds for churches and other religious organizations.

Taking Advantage of the Power of Text to Give Programs

Rapid advances in mobile technology have changed the way the world communicates and conducts business of all kinds. Smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices that connect to high speed wireless internet connections are incredibly powerful communication and marketing tools. Churches are using these modern technological marvels to raise essential funds with text to give programs that makes it easier than ever for people to contribute.

The following are effective ways of using the power of text messaging to raise funds for your church.

Mobile Donations

Using text to donate programs to raise church funds is a safe, secure, and highly effective method that is easy for both donors and churches to process one-time and recurring donations. Text giving allows people to donate money to your church by sending a text message with a dollar amount that is then charged to their card on file. This method is especially useful for elderly congregates and parishioners that may not be tech-savvy or own a smartphone.  

Group Messages

Being a part of group text messaging campaigns helps to make people feel like they are an integral component of your church’s community.

Facebook Messenger Integration

Billions of users are on Facebook and Facebook Messenger throughout the world. Integrating text messaging into your text to give efforts allows donors to communicate with text messages through Facebook Messenger.

Auto Response

Setting up automatic text responses allows you to send personalized messages depending on the action taken. This is a simple way to respond immediately to donations and other communications, offering a personal touch that makes recipients feel that their contributions are valued.

Text to Win Incentives

People love to be offered the chance to win something. Text to win contests allow users to enter using a predetermined keyword and the text messaging system will automatically choose a random winner in the fairest way possible. These incentives are effective at getting the attention of donors and compelling them to act.

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