Monday Nov 23, 2020

Text Donations and Events

Most people today live on their phones and more than 3 billion people worldwide own smartphones. Of all the time spent on phones and with the unlimited supply of incredibly advanced apps, the text app is the one people use the most. In fact, recent Pew Internet research reveals that upwards of 97 percent of cell phone owners text at least once a day. This presents the opportunity for nonprofit organizations to implement phenomenally successful text to give programs that allow users to donate to your organization quickly, easily, and safely while keeping up with the latest news and events.

Text to Give Best Practices

Text to give fundraising campaigns allows your nonprofit organization to accept donations through text messages. The basic process involves donors texting a dollar amount or a keyword to a designated number. They will then typically receive a confirmation text with a link or an email where they can fill out a donation form with their credit or debit card information.

The following are best practices to maximize the power of text to donate campaigns.

Keep It Simple

The longer the text code and the more complicated you make the process to donate, the more likely your donors ignore the text or forget the code. Complicated shortcodes also open up possibilities for typos and increase the chances that people will not respond.

Make It Easy

Even the most compelling campaign will not succeed if potential donors are not sure how to donate. To make the process easier, create a quick and easy way to show donors just how simple it is to make a text donation.

Widespread Marketing Efforts

It is crucial to get the message out about your ability to accept donations through text messaging. The key to success is to make the text to give function part of your regular marketing efforts. Ways to do this include:

  • Post the number and a short description on your social media channels, newsletters, email campaigns, and other advertising efforts

  • Include the information in member email signatures

  • Make it a prominent and permanent element of your website

  • Ask others to share your text to give keyword and designated number through their social media properties

  • Invest in paid online ads on social media and other digital assets

  • Send out a press release to relevant trade or community publications

Follow Up Is Essential

Donating to your nonprofit organization is a big deal, so let them know how much you appreciate it by following up after every donation. Some creative and effective ways to follow up with donors include:

  • Immediately send a follow-up text to confirm their donation was received and appreciated

  • Tweet out a thank you message to new donors

  • Create a scrolling list of new donors on your website landing page for the campaign

Get donors on your mailing list so that they stay up-to-date on all new initiatives

Contact vorText Today For Complete Information

Text to give is a powerful tool that allows nonprofits to communicate directly with donors and allow them an easy and safe way to donate to your cause. Contact the communication specialists at vorText for complete information and get started today. 

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