Friday Nov 20, 2020

How to Use Your Website to Encourage Donations

Your website is a powerful marketing tool that serves as a business card, a central digital meeting place, and the primary source for one-time and ongoing donations. Visitors to your website expect to be informed about the details of your organization, your successes in the community, and clear information on how they can help. Driving targeted audiences to your site through text to give opportunities, social media promotions, email marketing campaigns will help to broaden your online presence and increase donations.

Ways to Use Your Nonprofit Website to Drive up Donations

Pushing a website live and posting a few donate buttons is not nearly enough to compete in today’s crowded digital landscape. Use the following tips and suggestions to maximize the power of your website to draw large numbers of visitors and make it as easy as possible to contribute to your organization.

Attractive Design, Branding

The design of your website reflects the nature, mission, and branding elements of your nonprofit organization. It is best to keep design elements and functions simple, large, and clear. Guide visitors to your most valuable and influential content that leads them to the simplest ways to donate. With more than ever using mobile devices, it is important to make sure your website is mobile responsive and optimized to be viewed on smartphone and tablet screens.

User-Friendly Navigation

Visitors to your website enter with varying degrees of technical aptitude and website navigation experience. It is crucial to make all navigation and action elements of the site simple, and clear. Make the donation process front and center and as easy to understand as possible.

Content is Key

Your site should contain concise, well-written content that details the most important information about your organization in the most engaging and compelling ways. Content should be geared towards moving visitors along the donation process by highlighting your organization’s efforts and explaining the need and purpose for their donations.

Calls to Action/Donate Button

There is no reason to shy about what you want visitors to do. Be bold in asking for donations with multiple calls to action and large, clear donation buttons throughout every page. Keep with the consistency of your branding elements and make all donation buttons look the same in various sizes to fit specific pages and areas of the site.

Donation Landing Page

Your donation landing page is the most important piece of real estate on your website. It is where visitors of your site land when they click on the donate button and the page you can use for your social media, email campaigns, links from text to donate responses, and other digital marketing efforts. The donation process on this page should be simple, quick, and easy to understand for all visitors. One form should contain all of the information you will need from donors including various options for donation amounts.

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