Friday Nov 20, 2020

3 Ways Mobile Donation Can Help Your Church

The global coronavirus pandemic has forced churches to adjust social distancing guidelines and sporadic stay-at-home orders. Without the luxury of live services to encourage and facilitate donations, churches are looking elsewhere to help collect donations from parishioners and other sources.

With everyone walking around with a cellphone in their hands or pockets, mobile donation systems like text-to-give offers churches a way to keep communications open during these unprecedented times and continue to collect donations that help keep the church up and running.

Ways Text to Give Donations Benefit Your Church

Anyone with a cell phone has the power to give to your church from anywhere, at any time with just a few simple text messages. With most people texting at least once a day, it is the best and quickest way to reach those most likely to want to contribute. The following are examples of ways text to give programs can keep donations coming in to benefit your church.

Increase Church Giving

When parishioners and other donors are more likely to donate when offered the easiest, simplest, and safest way to do so. Text to donate campaigns can see significant increases in donations to your church, especially during these times when in-person contact is limited.  

Faster Deposits, Less Work

When people donate to your church via text to give programs, there is no sorting through cash and checks, organizing the funds, and making regular deposits. This is all done digitally and automatically, saving you and your members time and effort. You also will not run the risk of the money getting lost or stolen. The less time it takes to get the money from your parishioners and other donors into your bank account, the better off your church will be.

Reach Donors Outside of Sunday Service

Churches, along with the rest of the world, are being forced to make major adjustments in the COVID-19 era, including limiting the number of churchgoers for each service or canceling in-person services altogether. Text to give programs allow your parishioners to connect with your church and make donations from the convenience of their cell phones. Once parishioners get in the habit of donating through texts on their phones, they will continue to do so when they cannot physically attend your services. Some members may even give throughout the week and set up recurring donations simply because they can.

Contact vorText For Complete Information Today

Text to give programs have become game-changers for all kinds and sizes of churches and other religious organizations, enabling you to collect donations whenever and wherever donors are inspired to give. vorText offers comprehensive fundraising solutions featuring advanced text to donate technology that provide churches like yours with the powerful tools you need to maximize your fundraising efforts.

Contact the communication specialists at vorText for complete information on our text to give programs that will help keep donations coming in, even when parishioners and donors cannot attend church services.

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