Monday Nov 09, 2020

Educate Your Donors

Even with the intuitiveness of text to give software, not all donors will immediately jump on board and adopt the platform as easy as it is. If you want more people to use text to give in your organization, having a good implementation process will be key in boosting adoption.

You should provide clear instructions on how to use the system on your social media channels, website and email campaigns. You can even use billboards and flyers. If your organization has frequent gatherings, then use PowerPoint and other presentations to show how it works, and how easy it is to use. 

Use actual images of the text to give process so people can visualize what will happens after they text your keyword, usually give, to your number. This will make them comfortable with the process before they begin, and they will know what to expect.

You can also let your donors know about the benefits to your organization when they use the system like decreased admin costs opposed to processing paper donations. The more clear you make it, the more your donors will use the system.

Provide your users with your dedicated number and what to text to the number. They can just text the word GIVE to your number or they can text GIVE plus the amount all at once like GIVE 75. Just make it clear and the adoption process will go smoothly.

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