Friday Jul 19, 2019

3 Ways Text Is The Untapped Path To Influence

Have you ever experienced that feeling of despair and slow lingering panic because you have left your cell phone at the office? I know I have.


Is it a withdrawal from technology that causes the discomfort? I don’t think so. Like anything when we rely on a tool, we shape our world around it. Our cellphone simply enables a core need. That of connection. 

There is a debate suggesting that humans are simple pack animals?  We feel at home when we know our value to the whole. We cooperate, we share and we feel connected. Our handheld technology simply helps us do this much more efficiently than the methods of our past. 

So, it's not an addiction, its smart evolution. 

So how can a text win influence? Convenience, shareability, and an ability to offer meaningful value. It’s no wonder we have made our phones an essential part of daily lives, they can deliver on all these things.

Text always catches us at the best time. 

Short and efficient. It is the best way to deliver important information. Messages safely wait until the response can be offered with full attention. Catching someone at the most convenient time to act is the best way to drive action. When acting on a message is made easy, as social creatures, we are compelled to act immediately. So text is the perfect delivery system for ACT NOW contests, and promote event ticket sales. 

So, go ahead, plan to Influence the decision to act or buy.

Text makes sharing easy. Sharing promotes connection.

Because a message is short. And supported by an ever-growing language of acronyms that unite us, IRL (in real life). We tend to remember them. And this retention enables our ability to share information in a genuine way. As communication goes, genuine and long-lasting Influence are best friends.

But what if you could collect knowledge from many people. Text polls make it even easier to find the truth and disseminate it to offer the value that can be depended upon. So what do you want others to know? What do you want to know about others? How can you tap into the common truth we all crave?

Whether it is the ability to share a meaningful donation, or ask for a community opinions, sharing promotes influence.

Text is personal it connects to our emotional core.

I have a theory. Influence is triggered by emotion. It is a result of a familiar feeling. We tend to act upon information shared by the friends we trust. I don’t believe we can help it. Familiar tone to that of our inner circle inherits the same neurological responses of trust. 

So here, Text has the advantage once again. Because text is delivered from one person to another. It’s Intimate. Like a promise of care shared between friends.  This is why a spam text stands out. It does not feel right. It does not feel like care. Like the acts of a good friend. targeted with a purpose that thinks about you.

So when a text can offer you the gift of time, like the Text alerts you receive that holds your place in line, it feels like care. We can’t help being influenced by those actions that feel like they are designed for us. It’s a subtle emotional connection that is achieved.

So how will you utilize these pillars of influence, convenience, shareable, trust-building?



Guest Post: Stephanie Michelle Scott is a freelance writer who believes storytelling builds fan advocates. Find her on social media @WildfireEffect

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