Friday Jul 19, 2019

How to Run a Successful SMS Donation Campaign

A text-to-give SMS campaign is a great way to collect donations for your non-profit or fundraiser without asking your contributors to do too much, and without having to go door-to-door or manage a large social media campaign! A simple text can collect donations, and using a good text message marketing software can help make your text-to-give campaign seamless.



Who Can Benefit From a Text-to-Give Campaign?

Any organization or event that needs to raise funds can benefit from a text-to-give campaign, such as:

  • Churches - many people don’t carry cash anymore. Members of your church’s congregation can donate easily and quickly with a text-to-give software.

  • Non-profits - a text-to-give software can allow people to donate to a non-profit securely with just a few taps on their smartphone. All donations go directly into an account to keep your donations organized and centralized. 

  • Informational websites - if you run a website that offers free tutorials or information, ask your readers to donate to keep your services going!

  • Individuals - raising money to help a stray dog hit by a car or support a family in a developing country? Use a text-to-give software to raise money for your cause!

  • Politicians - raising money to go on the campaign trail? A text-to-give campaign can help raise campaign funds.

Text-to-Give Tips

Utilizing text message alert software to run your donation campaign can quickly raise funds, but there are a few tips to follow to ensure that you do it the most effective way:

  • Make your forms simple - your contributors may not want to fill out a long questionnaire when donating. Keep your forms simple and to the point.

  • Ask How Much They Would Like to Donate - when your contributors text in, ask how much they would like to donate before sending them to a form. This helps to solidify the donation in their mind before going through the registration.

  • Send a Great Thank You - It’s very important when running a text-to-give campaign to send a heartfelt thank you to those who donate. Making your contributors feel good about donating may just inspire them to do it again!

  • Encourage Contributors to Opt-In to your Main List - ask those who donate if they’d like to receive additional text message alerts about your organization. This will help grow your subscriber list overall. 

Why vorText to your Text-to-Give Campaign?

Mobile donation campaigns through vorText can help you raise funds quickly and easily. With vorText, contributor information is stored securely with our mobile payment processor (Stripe)  so if a second donation is made, the process only involves texting in how much they’d like to contribute. Additionally, your mobile campaigns are customizable, so you can control how those donating interact with the system.

A text-to-give campaign is quicker, easier, and more convenient than going door to door to raise money for your organization. Kick your fundraising up a notch by using a text message marketing system for your mobile donations!

Ready to begin? Find out how you can implement text message marketing system for your business or organization. Schedule a free demo with a member of the vorText team today!

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