Friday Jul 19, 2019

Tips for Running a Successful Text to Win Campaign

Utilizing a text-to-win campaign is a great way to get people to subscribe to your text list. If you run your text-to-win sweepstakes correctly, not only do you end up with a number of subscribers on your list, you know that these subscribers are interested in your specific product, service, or business.


What is a Text-to-Win Campaign?

Simply put, a  text-to-win campaign is when an individual enters to win a sweepstakes by texting in to your shorthand. 

What Should I Give Away in a Text-to-Win Campaign?

The best thing for a business to give away in a text-to-win campaign is something directly related to your business, such as a free product or a free service. Although giving away a $100 gift card might gain you a good number of subscribers, these subscribers are not high-value; they have not shown interest in your business specifically. The best course of action is to give away something related to your company.

Keep it Simple

People’s attention spans are short when it comes to promotional marketing. Make sure that 

  • Don’t Ask for Too Much Information - while you may want to collect as much data on your potential customers as possible, asking for too much information can seem intrusive and may cause some would-be subscribers to shy away. Keep it simple by asking for only their zipcode or city when they text in.

  • Keep the Message Short -  Letting subscribers know that their entry has been received, and when a winner will be drawn is all your outgoing message needs. Sending a long, drawn out text message detailing anything other than the sweepstakes itself is sure to cause an opt-out.

  • Create a Realistic Time Frame - keep the attention of your customers by running your text-to-win campaign for only a few days or one week rather than an extended period of time. Pick the date your sweepstakes ends and let you customers know.

Establish Trust 

  • Be Clear With Your Opt-In - when your subscribers enter, let them know that they have been entered to win and let them know they have opted in to your list.

  • Announce when a Winner has Been Chosen - letting your subscribers know that a winner has been selected shows transparency and lets the entrants know that it was a true sweepstakes and not just a ploy to collect data. Use the winner’s name, but only if they give you express written permission.

  • Send a Great Follow Up - the follow up to your text-to-win campaign is an important text. Let your subscribers down easy (and do your best to keep them on your list) by sending the non-winners a coupon or discount for entering. This could increase sales as well as shows gratitude for their participation.

A text-to-win campaign is an easy way to rapidly grow a database of interested subscribers, while keeping your customers engaged and excited about your brand. 

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