Thursday Jul 18, 2019

SMS for Gyms and Health Clubs

Text message marketing is a perfect marketing tool for gyms and health clubs. From onboarding new members to running special promotions to sending out motivational messages, SMS for gyms is a great way to connect with members.


Why Should I Use Text Message Marketing for My Gym?

The popularity of mobile marketing is skyrocketing with the rise of smartphones. With a 98% open rate, getting in contact with your health club’s members is only a button away. Another reason that text message marketing for gyms is that many fitness oriented people also have fitness apps on their phone, meaning that they keep connected to their health via their smartphone. Contacting your customers where they are already looking is a very logical marketing practice.

How Can I Use SMS Marketing for My Gym?

There are a variety of ways that your gym can use text messages to communicate with members. From special alerts to marketing, the possibilities are expansive. Here are some of the top ways to use SMS for gyms:

Onboarding - Using text message marketing to onboard new members can increase signups. Even people who are willing to put in the time and effort it takes to get physically fit will look for the speed and convenience of getting information of a new gym in their area sent straight to their phones. Offering mobile signups and even mobile payment can increase your gym’s revenue.

Class alerts - Does your gym offer classes or personal training sessions? Using a text message alert system is perfect for sending out information to members who sign up for specific classes or sending out a notification when a personal trainer has a slot open up.

Special events - Hosting an event at your gym? Send out a message to your members. Using the vorText text message alert system,  members can even register via mobile!

Sales - many gyms sell supplements, drinks, and accessories like t-shirts, gym bags, and headphones. Slow day? Get a promotion going! Send out a text message to your members offering a discount to members who show up and present their digital coupon.

Motivation - Send out those #MotivationMonday messages to your members! Get your customers amped up for the week and for their next workout by sending out inspirational and high-energy messages. 

Drip Campaigns - Using SMS marketing, you can design a drip campaign, such as  “working out for beginners” for new members to help motivate them and help them feel like they belong. This will keep your members re-enrolling!

In the past few years, SMS marketing has seen as many ‘gains’ as the gym! Mobile marketing is growing at a rapid pace. Get your gym on board with SMS alerts and watch your business boom.

Ready to get started? The knowledgeable staff at vorText is here to help you maximize your marketing with SMS alerts!  If you have any questions on how to use text alerts for gyms s or would like to schedule a free demo, contact us today!

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