Thursday Jul 18, 2019

SMS for E-Commerce

The internet is now one of the most popular marketplaces, with an expected 2.14 billion people worldwide expected to do at least some portion of their shopping online by the year 2021. If you sell goods or services online, using text message marketing is one of the best ways you can expand your company’s reach and increase your bottom line. Below are some of the ways your company can use SMS for e-commerce.

Order Confirmations - providing order confirmations is not only convenient for your customers, it gives your customers an instant peace of mind that their order has been received and that their money isn’t just floating online somewhere. Including a reference number gives an additional layer of comfort to your customers in case they need to reference their order for any reason. This method is also more direct than sending an email, which can get lost in their promotions or spam folders. 

Shipping Confirmations - shipping confirmations are a great way for an e-commerce store to utilize SMS marketing. Provide a tracking number so that your customers can watch their orders move in real time. 

Delivery Confirmations - every customer’s favorite confirmation!  A delivery confirmation (and a thank you message) when your customer’s order arrives lets your customers know to look for their package when they get home, and can additionally provide a digital paper trail for your shipper’s insurance that you fulfilled the customer’s order if the package goes missing. 

Coupon Codes - a great way to retain your customer’s attention and to get a repeat sale is to send a coupon code via text message. Be sure to time this correctly, as if they have just received their order, they may not be ready to immediately make another purchase. It is a good rule of thumb to wait a minimum of two weeks before sending out a coupon code for their next purchase. 

Back in Stock Alerts - give your customers the option of receiving a text alert if a product they were interested in is back in stock. List your text message list information next to any sold out items on your website. 

New Product Alerts -  If your customers have opted in to your text list to receive marketing messages, sending out a new product alert can drum up more business from customers who love your brand or products.

Follow up Surveys - sending out a survey post-purchase can not only re-engage your customers, but can give you valuable insight to the needs and preferences of your customer base. Give your customers ample time to use their product before sending out the survey or you may not get accurate feedback, or your customer may opt-out.


The popularity of e-commerce stores is skyrocketing and will only continue to grow as advancements in online payment methods, online security, and technology surface. Preparing your business for the shifting marketplace will ensure that you are seeing the highest returns possible. 

Ready to begin text message marketing? Contact a member of the vorText team today to schedule your free demo and see how SMS marketing can benefit your business!


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