Thursday Jul 18, 2019

How to Successfully Run an SMS Survey

An SMS survey is a survey sent out using a text message alert system that allows your customers to provide valuable feedback about your business’ products and services. Text message marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools available, and regularly sending surveys can help your business grow as well as help build trust with your customers. How can your business run a successful SMS survey?

Why Should My Business use SMS Surveys?

An SMS survey allows your customers an anonymous yet direct way to share their experiences with your business. SMS has a 98% open rate, it is more likely that your survey will be received than it would be via email or regular mail. Additionally, including an opt-in for marketing and other alerts at the end of your survey allows you add them to your text subscriber list!


What Kinds of Businesses Benefit from SMS Surveys?

  • Restaurants 

  • Medical offices 

  • Retail stores 

  • Event planners

  • Veterinary offices

  • Schools

  • Marketing agencies 

  • Recording artists 

  • And more!

If you operate a business, chances are your company will benefit from utilizing a text message alert system to send out surveys to your clients or customers. 

Running a successful SMS Survey

The success of your SMS survey depends on careful planning. Decide what the goals are for your survey. Are you interested in customer experience? Want to know what your customers think of a specific product? Want to know how you can improve? Figure out your business goals and develop your plan around them. Some tips for running a successful SMS survey are:

Get your customers at the right time - figure out the best time to contact your customers. If you are a service based business, it may be best to ask within 24 hours of your customers receiving the service. If you are a product based company, make sure that you give your customers ample time to make a decision about your product; asking too soon can seem pushy.

Ask the right questions - Make your survey easy to understand so that you get the most accurate results. Include specific instructions such as “Rate from 1-5, with 1 being the worst and 5 being the best.”

Is there anything else we should know? Although multiple choice surveys can be easier to measure, giving your customers a chance to voice their opinion in their own words will give you better insight into how customers view your business.

Offer a digital coupon or other discount at the end - As a thank you for completing your survey, offer your customers a coupon or discount code to use for their next purchase. This will keep happy customers coming back, and may persuade unhappy customers to give your business another shot.

Ask them to opt-in - at the end of your survey, ask your customers to opt-in to your list for further communications such as alerts and marketing. Be very specific with what sort of information you will be sending out - if it is marketing related, say so. 

An SMS survey is only one of the many features that a great text message marketing service provides. For a full list of vorText features, visit our features page!

Ready to get reach your business goals? Our team is here to help! If you have any questions on how to use SMS surveys for business or would like to schedule a free demo, contact us today!

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