Tuesday Jul 16, 2019

SMS for Veterinary Clinics

Now, more than ever, pets are family, and pet owners care deeply about their pet’s health. Veterinary clinics are busy places, with spaying and neutering, shots, and surgeries. Keep your patients up to date on their pet’s needs and appointments and take payments without losing a second by using SMS marketing for veterinary clinics!

Note: Although pets are not protected by HIPAA laws, keep in mind that all medical information is sensitive. It is a good idea to get express consent from pet parents before disclosing medical information via text message. Ask them what type of information they would like relayed via SMS, and get in writing.

Ways to Utilize SMS for Veterinary Clinics

  • Appointment reminders - People’s lives are busy - sending out an appointment reminder a week out and the day before will help your clinic avoid missed appointments. 

  • Shot reminders - sending out reminders when an appointment is needed or due helps generate revenue as well as keeps pets healthy. For example, send out an annual reminder that a dog needs to come in for boosters, and ask clients to call to schedule their appointments (or do that via text, too!)

  • Mobile payments - Client forget their wallet when they brought their pet in for an emergency? Take mobile payments easily using an SMS alert system for your veterinary clinic. 

  • Sign up and pay for special event - Hosting a group training class or fun pet event? Allow your clients to sign up (and even pay) via text message!

  • Reminders to fill prescriptions - one of the best ways to use SMS alerts for veterinary clinics is sending out prescription refill reminders. 

  • Recalls - share important information with your customers like a food or toy recall. Not only does this show your clinic cares, it could save a life.

  • Offer a referral special - do your clients love you? Drum up business by offering a discount on your customer’s next visit by texting out a referral code. 

  • Specials - Does your clinic celebrate Pet Dental Month by offering half off dentals? Let your customers know and watch your calendar fill up.

  • Medication Reminders - if a client’s pet is prescribed medication, it is both responsible and courteous to send out a reminder on how to administer the medication and include after hours emergency information is something goes wrong. 

  • Surgery Updates - let clients know that their pet is recovering from surgery and alert them of pickup times. 

  • Monthly Reminders - sending out a reminder once per month to remind your clients to give their pet flea and tick or heartworm medication can be a lifesaver.


People love their pets and want them to be as healthy and happy as possible. By utilizing an SMS alert system, your veterinary clinic can keep the appointment calendar full and keep the pets in your community healthy.

Ready to get started? The knowledgeable staff at vorText is here to help you take your veterinary clinic to the next level. If you have any questions on how to use text alerts for veterinary clinics or would like to schedule a free demo, contact us today!

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