Friday Jul 05, 2019

How To Write A Good Offer

SMS marketing has great potential! With high open rates and global adoption, it's a great way to communicate with your customers. However, only having 160 characters to communicate your message may make it challenging to craft the perfect message. So here's some pointers.

Include Your Business Name

It's a best practice to include your business name in your message, usually at the top. If the recipient does not know who the message is from or recognize the content, they may be include to stop receiving your messages. Including your business name will help your customers recognize and trust the content they received from you.

Keep It Simple

It's best to stick to one clear message. Don't try to offer to much. Keep it simple by communication one central offer/message and of course, don't forget to include any regulatory requirements in your message like your company name, an opt-out option, and a help option. Keep it clear, keep it concise.

Avoid Slang And Abbreviations

Keep in mind, you may know what it means, but your customer may not. The last thing you want is for your customer not to understand what you mean. IF that happens, they'll ignore the message, and may even ignore or disregard future messages. To don't use slang or words that could be misinterpreted. You could also try passing your message by a few people just to make sure they understand the message before you send it. Like they say, measure twice cut once!

Make It Personal

Let's face it, people like to see their own name on things. By including some of their personal information in your message, it will garner trust and make your customers want to read your message. Your message can also be tailored to the preferences as well to further get their attention.

Use Compelling Language

Needless to say, if you send a boring message, your customers are not likely to respond. Catch their attention with verbs and expressive language that draws them in to want to know more or respond to your message.

Would You Respond?

As you review your message, ask yourself perhaps the obvious question. Would you respond to the message if it was sent to you? Let's face it, people's inboxes are already full, they're busy and on the go. If your message doesn't get their attention the first time they read it, it may not at all. You can also use questions instead of just statements. Like, "Looking for a night off?". Try to find what will motivate your recipient to respond to your offer and you'll have better success in the long run!

Example offer structure:

Business Name
Offer - What is the offer
Fine print - What's required for the offer (buy something)
How to redeem - Show text to server
When does it expire

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