Tuesday Jul 02, 2019

Transactional SMS Messaging

There is a great opportunity right now for marketers pertaining to transcriptional SMS.  While most messages focus on promotional items like one off sales, product launches, or weekly SMS campaigns, there's a lot more value you can provide to your customers using transnational SMS.

Research shows that it takes the average person around 90-minutes to respond to an email but only 90-seconds to respond to a text message. Today’s consumers are savvy and expect more quicker and faster.

More and more, consumers are wanting more personal and engaging messages. So marketers must be able to meet these demands and develop mobile strategies to engage and respond to the ever growing need for information consumers demand and in the most direct way - on their cell phones.

In fact, 75% of consumers want companies to text them information for anything from appointments or payment reminders, to offers and other types of information. But sadly to say, only 30% of companies are involved in this kind of engagement.

Transnational SMS is based on triggered events that add value for consumers because they are personalized, relevant and timely. They are designed to increase loyalty, prevent lapsed buying behavior and re-engage consumers that represent the most value to your brand.

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