Tuesday Jun 11, 2019

SMS Marketing Is Here To Stay

SMS Marketing is a growing industry. Businesses around the globe are realizing that this form of communication is not just here to stay, but constantly growing in popularity.

Stats say that only 25% of emails are opened. And if you're trying to reach your audience, it's not going to be your most effective way to do so

SMS marketing is easy to get started with. While with email marketing you have to develop quality templates, email marketing is easy to get into and maintain. In fact, the SMS app is by far the most used App on cell phones today.

All you have to do is build your list, and write some engaging content to send our to your audience, and blast is out. You can include images, video, and links to your website or other resources as well. And don't forget about professionalization. It's all easy to do and doesn't require a developer.

Bulk SMS marketing is an easy way to attract more customers to you business, and to increase customer loyalty through deeper engagement.

Almost anyone can participate

SMS is compatible with pretty much every cell phone in the world and what’s more important, it doesn’t require Internet availability. This allows you to connect with customers who rarely use Internet or have mobile phones that are not compatible with your other marketing campaigns such as email marketing.

Apparently, SMS marketing will give you the possibility to connect with a wider range of customers this way increasing the probability of you acquiring a higher number of loyal customers or people interested in your services or products.

Let's Face It, People Love Their Phones

Nowadays, it actually rare to see people without their phones. It is however common to see people at work or at rest with their faces burred in the phone. People get a unique feeling when they receive the next text message. They just can't wait to see who it is, what they want. Let's face it, people love their phones. And most people actually want you to send them information, as long as it quality information and timely.

Having an open rate of 98%, SMS marketing is way to go more than any other communication method in terms of read rate. And even better, it takes just a few moments for people to respond to your message. 

People also need to know how easy it is to get setup receiving your messages, and also need to know how to stop receiving your messages.

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