SMS Marketing for Webinars

Combining the words and concepts of the “web” and “seminars,” webinars are digital lectures or workshops that allow you to share videos, photos, PowerPoint presentations, and other multimedia presentations to large groups of online audiences. The coronavirus pandemic that forces social distancing guidelines and stay-at-home orders puts a spotlight on the need for virtual communications. Webinars are a powerful marketing tool that is highly effective at generating quality leads and raising your brand awareness and SMS marketing for webinars can help to increase attendance and engagement.

As great as a webinar is at communicating your business message, it can be challenging to get even those people who subscribed to the event to show up. In fact, less than half of those who register typically wind up attending. Some people may get too busy or deal with technical issues preventing them from logging on. Mostly, they just forget or are not motivated enough to follow through.

What is SMS Marketing for Webinars?

The most popular way to communicate with webinar subscribers is through email. The problem is that less than a third of all webinar-related emails are opened by people who have already registered for the event. Short message service, or SMS texts, are delivered directly to their cell phones, giving you a far better chance of your messages being opened and read.

Almost everyone in America is walking around with a cell phone or smartphone in their hands. Texting has higher open and response rates than any other message delivery system, including emails and social media messaging. Over 90% of text messages are opened and read with the first three minutes after being delivered, regardless of where they are coming from.

 Sending out text reminders and other information will help to get attendees excited about the webinar and create a buzz about the event as it approaches.  Tease them with micro-content that offers up a taste of what they will see. Attach photos or videos through multimedia messaging services (MMS) or send them a link to view relevant content.

Sending registrants text reminders the day before, the morning of, an hour or so before, and once your webinar has started will help to increase attendance and engagement.

What to Include in SMS Marketing for Webinars

Text messaging an effective communications tool to help increase webinar attendance numbers. You are not cold-texting. These are people who have already expressed interest in your event and have taken the time and energy to respond and register. You do not need to provide them with a large amount of information or a hard sales pitch.

Get creative in the ways you reach subscribers about your webinar. Offer up snippets of what they will see with a video or links to related content to get them excited about attending. However, the most main purpose of these texts is to remind them to show up. Include detailed instructions and a link for them to join your webinar.

Benefits of SMS for Webinars

In the current age of social media and video conferencing, text messages almost seem quaint and antiquated. However, SMS is a powerful communication tool that is the most cost-effective, direct, and personal way to reach the largest numbers of recipients at one time.

People actually prefer to be contacted via text messages rather than have their email inbox be bombarded with branded materials. It is the easiest way to reach them without the clutter of the internet taking over the messaging process. All cell phones can receive text messages and most people will respond quicker to text messages than any other format, especially when they are expecting to hear from you.

Taking advantage of SMS marketing will improve our webinar attendance numbers and can be used for other areas of your business operations. Texts are ideal to remind people about other events, specific appointments, or any other information delivered in a short form.

Tips for SMS Reminder Texts

The following are some tips and suggestions to make the most of your SMS marketing for webinars that reminds subscribers about the event and drive them to attend.

Get Personal

Make sure to address registrants by name at the start of the text message to make your messaging more personal and get their attention. They are more likely to attend the webinar if they feel they are being personally invited to do so.

Send SMS Just Before Webinar Begins

Give your attendees a chance to sign on with a text message reminder about 15 minutes before you begin. This will give them time to click on the link to make sure they can enter and settle in before you begin.

Always Include a Link to the Webinar

Webinars can typically be viewed on desktop computers, as well as smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Including a link in your reminder text will drive people directly to your webinar platform. If you prefer attendees view on a computer or laptop, refer them to your email with the logon information.

Keep it Short, Simple

You are not supplying recipients with new information. You are simply reminding them of an event they already signed up for. Keep SMS reminders brief and to the point for the best results.

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Taking advantage of the power of SMS marketing for webinars is just one element of a comprehensive campaign to promote your upcoming event. Make sure you still include emails with more in-depth information and materials about your business and your upcoming webinar. SMS is not a replacement for other forms of communication, but a highly effective addition to your communication efforts.

vorText offers a wide range of services for SMS marketing for webinars and other business applications. For complete information on the SMS services offered from the industry professionals at vorText and get started today


SMS and The Law

No matter what the indstry, you must always abide by the texting laws.

You are only allowed to text people who have given you consent to do so. Otherwise, you could get yourself into legal trouble. In order to be compliant you should always:

  • Indicate how often you will send out messages when customer opt in
  • Provide clear instructions on how to opt out of receiving messages
  • Never send out messages after 9pm

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