SMS Marketing for Politics

The United States just completed a presidential election cycle that saw more people vote than in any other election in history. Fiercely contested campaigns saw candidates pull out the stops and use every possible way to reach voters. Estimates had the number of text messages send out by various campaigns are in the billions. Taking advantage of the power of SMS marketing for politics is the most effective way to connect with voters and encourage them to vote.

Why Use SMS Marketing for Politics Applications?

Just about every American owns a cell phone that can send and receive text messages. Political campaigns looking for an edge of their opponents use SMS marketing to connect larger groups of voters.

Everyone Receives Texts

Text messaging is by far the most popular form of communication in the digital age. Everyone with a cell phone can receive and send text messages, perfectly demonstrated by the following recent statistics.

High Open Rate, Quick Response Times

Regardless of where or who a text is coming from, people cannot resist opening up and seeing what it says. Consumers in the digital age are comfortable with getting text messages and they will respond. Branded text messages have an astounding 45% response rate, especially when compared to the 21% of presidential email marketing campaigns that wind up in spam folders.

Fundraising Opportunities

In addition to efforts to get out the vote, the main goal of political campaigns is to raise money. In this last presidential election going back to the primaries, nearly 46% of all political campaign text messages asked for campaign donations. Fundraising is a big part of what politicians do and SMS marketing is the most effective vehicle to raise money in the digital age. Text-to-give programs allow donors to give money easily, quickly, and securely.

Reach Younger Voters

Younger voters have forced political campaigns to reexamine the way they connect with their constituents. Texting is the primary mode of communication among the younger generations and is the best way to get them engaged and involved in the political process.

Uses for SMS in Political Campaigns

There are a wide range of applications politicians can use to maximize the power of SMS marketing efforts, including:

Voting Reminders, Election Updates

Voting is no longer restricted to one day at the polls. Early and mail-in voting has expanded the opportunities for citizens to cast their vote in the most convenient and comfortable way for them. SMS campaigns can start early to remind voters of the times and places to vote and provide them with updates on voting lines and polling places.

Campaign Alerts, Announcements

Political campaigns are fluid and ever-changing. Text messages are ideal communication vehicles to keep voters and volunteers updated on the latest appearances, announcements, polls, and voting results.

Follow-Up After Initial Connection

Whether you meet a potential voter while canvassing or at a campaign stop, it is essential to get their contact information and follow-up with a text to get them engaged and involved. Personalized texts messages will make potential voters feel valued and respected. Share links to your website and voting information to help make sure they get out and vote.

Engage in Local Issues

Above anything else, elections are about issues. While it may be hazardous to your health to bring up the issues of the candidate you are supporting at the dinner table, it is perfectly acceptable to let your voting base know where you stand on your local community’s most important issues. Share your plan and let the voters know how you plan on handling the biggest challenges ahead.

Political SMS Campaign Checklist

Designing and implementing effective strategies for SMS marketing for politics and political campaigns is more than simply typing in a message and hitting send. There are standards, guidelines, and federal and state campaign communication laws you must follow. The following is a checklist you can use to make sure your SMS marketing campaign runs smoothly and legally.

Follow All Campaign Regulations

In addition to state and federal campaign regulations, SMS marketing efforts for political campaigns must also follow specific protocols set up by the Federal Communications Commission (FFC) to protect consumers.  Precautions to consider when launching political SMS marketing campaign include:

  • Do not buy phone numbers

  • Get receiver consent

  • Let them opt out

  • Remove unresponsive numbers

  • Respect federal, state laws

Apply Marketing Efforts to SMS Campaigns

Make sure your SMS marketing campaigns follow the branding and tone of the other campaign materials such as flyers and handouts, your website, social media posts, and other media exposure. Consistency will increase your brand awareness and allow voters to connect with you and your message.

Inspire Mobile Engagement

The more you can inspire voters with your message, the more they will be inspired to engage with your campaign. Use the following examples of mobile engagement efforts to garner interest and gain momentum for your political campaign.

  • Sweepstakes for campaign items and events

  • Campaign volunteering opportunities

  • Priority access to largest supporters

Boldly Take a Stand

Do not shy away from the reasons you wanted to run for office in the first place. Your SMS text campaigns are not bound by media standards or equally opportunity discussions. Use your issues to take a stand while educating voters about your initiatives to tackle your community problems head on without worrying about being controversial or alienating your opponent.

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Modern political campaigns are more tech savvy than ever and will use the latest technology and communication advances to get every last vote and every possible donation dollar to help their cause. Comprehensive strategies using SMS marketing for politics can get voters interested, engaged, and inspired to vote for you, contribute to your campaign, or sign up to volunteer. Contact vorText for complete information about our professional text messaging services and get started today.


SMS and The Law

No matter what the indstry, you must always abide by the texting laws.

You are only allowed to text people who have given you consent to do so. Otherwise, you could get yourself into legal trouble. In order to be compliant you should always:

  • Indicate how often you will send out messages when customer opt in
  • Provide clear instructions on how to opt out of receiving messages
  • Never send out messages after 9pm

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