Take Orders Online
Our chatbot for Messenger allows you to take orders for your business 24/7

No contracts to sign, No setup fees.
No credit card required to sign-up


SMS Marketing

Add Your Products

You'll be able to login to teh vorText portal and easily upload your product catalogue. You can create menus and producst categories. Each category can have upto 9 products.



Connect Your Facebook Page

It's real easy, with once mouse click and a few confimations, your Facebook page will be connected to your new store.



Start Taking Orders

As orders are recevied, you'll be notified of the order details so you can fulfill the order. Wether you're doing retail or your a restaurant, chatbots are a greate way to offer your customers another channel to purchase your products or services.


What Are The Benefits?

  • Get immediate access to client details through Facebook Profiles
  • Grow your customer database
  • Increase your sales
  • Market directly to your clients via Text Messaging


People love discounts and freebees! We make it easy to offer your customers discount coupons and cutomized offers. You'll benefit by increasing customer retention and loyalty. And  ultimately, your customers will be happier, and refer more people to your business.


Your store can be configured to sell anything, not just what's lited in the menus. Ask us how it works!


Never miss an oppotunity using our online chat. I't a great way to answer customer questions in real time and convert lost leads into sales.



  • Unlimited Messenger Messages and leads
  • Your chatbot is available 24/7
  • Support for SMS Messaging (SMS credits are required)
  • Live Chat access
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty tools